Favourite people in no particular order: Ezra Koenig

@arzE: earlier this year, I was at a bar and the DJ played Gangnam Style into Harlem Shake. I felt so pleased. It was springtime in my heart.

ugh im at college and it feels kinda weird? 

like its been a lot of fun so far

classes don’t start until tuesday soooo

but idk i feel weird

la blogotheque favorites ➝ sufjan stevens, the lakes of canada (x)

sufjan stevens makes me want to throw myself into the sun

Humor, after all, can be an incredible weapon for social progress, but it can also be regressive: The more we pass off old stereotypes, rooted in hate, as normal—as MacFarlane did again and again last night—the longer those stereotypes, and their ability to harm people, will be in place.

The Banality of Seth MacFarlane’s Sexism and Racism at the Oscars

chris evans - for flaunt magazine

Ezra Miller talking about why he identifies as queer part 2


i am no longer a person i am a mess of sebastian stan feels


Oh yeah and I met Sufjan :)


Russian feminist punk band, Pussy Riot, were recently arrested for putting on a renegade show in front of the Kremlin and performing a song making fun of Russian Prime Minister Vladamir Putin. The band claims riot grrrl as their primary influence.

—Jessica H.